Sunday, 1 November 2009

Italy WW2 in 10mm

Saturday 31st October 2009 seen our club take up residence in its new home: The Tom Craig Centre in Law village and a nice little venue it is too. We had a good turn out with thirteen members in attendance and 2 good sized games on the go.

1st up Italy WW2 in 10mm : John, Jon and young Martin again set up their excellent looking WW2 scenario with the British working their way through the Italian countryside with the German army lying in wait.

A British column edges slowly along the narrow streets and lanes into enemy held territory unsure what's around the next corner.
Any house or hedgerow could contain enemy artillery spotters or antitank weapons.

The German army sit and wait for the right time. The panzer's are ready for the order to move and the artillery is zeroed in.
Soon the shells start to fall and the Allied armour decide to get off the tight country roads into the surrounding fields.

The Germans plan falls into place and the trap is sprung.

The loses start to mount and things begin to look pretty bleak for the Allied command.

To make matters worse the Germans seem to have reserves around every bend.
In the end it was a victory for the Germans and a bad day for the Allies with their burning vehicles left strewn across the beautiful Italian countryside.
No doubt they will be back to fight another day. A fantastic looking wargame!

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