Sunday, 27 June 2010


This will be the last club update for a while as our holidays begin but hopefully there will be plenty of newly painted figures on show at the club after our break.

This was a big battle between Steven (good guys) and Stuart (big bad guys).

Stuart has 2 of the coolest looking fantasy armies I have seen. (These guys and his demons) I think he also has a skeleton army? but we haven't seen it at the club for a long time.

Some not so jolly green giants.

Steven has taken a long break from painting his Elves (I think he said his dog had eaten his paint brush or something like that?) but he still uses them regularly and that's the main thing!

Don't fancy meeting these guys on a dark night in Carluke. Although I have seen a few women roaming around the shire lately that don't look that much different!

Stevens knights taking care of the big bad ogres.

A cool looking new addition to Stuarts army pulling a cauldron behind him. Look forward to seeing this 1 finished

Anyway that's us for a while so everyone have a great summer break and hopefully see you all fit and well ready to do battle in September!!!

Maybe bump into some of you at Claymore in August?


Some up close and personal pictures of Stuarts giants.

The Butcher of Lawhall.
I am not sure what figures Stuart bought online or painted himself but they are a very nice looking collection. I think JP painted some of them as well?

I have no idea what these are (some sort of tree beard gone wild) but they look cool too.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Battle of the Boyne 19.6.10

Well a big surprise this week as both Des and Van der Hannah were free to arrange a large game on Saturday. The Battle of the Boyne was the chosen re-fight for the day with Des (King James) making his claim for the English, Irish and Scottish thrones and Van der Hannah (King William) deposing him.

Des raided his loft once more and made the not so short trip from the mountains down to join us. Great commitment to the club Des!

Each time I hear Des is going to be joining us I start to wonder what little gems he will be bringing with him. This time he managed to find loads of figures I have never ever seen before and amongst them these old Minifigs painted and based to a very nice standard. How long ago did you buy these Des and is that enamel paint by any chance?

More figures I have never seen before at shows or online. By the positions of the sword arm they look to be tabletop figures?

The massed Williamite army of Van der Hannah advance.

The Jacobite cavalry head out to meet their enemy. Very nice looking figures

A solid looking line for a small cavalry unit to be attacking?

The battle lines are drawn and a fierce battle looks on the cards.

Some really colourful uniforms from the period. Would these be the Dutch by any chance?

I the end the battle followed the historical outcome with King James being defeated.

What I would like to know is just what else does Des have hidden away in his loft? Only time will tell!

figures and terrain
All from Des's collection

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Last minute ACW 19.6.10

I think my brother David and I were the last to return from Wappenshaw on Saturday as we had a little detour to make 1st and everyone was pretty much set up and fighting.

Thankfully John M and JP let us join in their 10mm ACW game and we had a great laugh as well as lots of debated points and general windups.

David took a pretty strong looking Union brigade (with 2 guns because JP needs to paint up a 3rd) and began to advance against my position.

JP is now pretty close to finishing off his 1st Union brigade. Just some work on the bases and they will be done and dusted

A wee look from behind my lines at the start

My lonely Rebel parrot. Soon to be a dead parrot, come on John get the other gun painted up!

When we arrived John M was getting set up to assault JP's position on and around the hill.

To be honest I didn't think he stood a chance against the artillery on the hill. Especially as some of the bases kept sliding down the side of it, perhaps they didn't fancy charging head long into canister?

Anyway John's charges went in and he trounced the guns and carried on for quite a way but left himself pretty exposed. JP struck back and the left wing was held in the balance for quite a time with a good few units leaving the field. Both the guys were very animated and it was fun to see the John's debating the finer points of gamesmanship, is that a word? no matter it was a great laugh anyway!

On our side of the battlefield I was pretty much getting shot up with the guns on the hill (who the hell placed that hill there!) and David's large units as well as making my usualy bad tactical judgements.

Then for some reason David left an open flank! As David had been 1st firing me for the past few rounds I decided to take the chance and go for the charge despite John M's advice.

With some good dice my unit went right through destroying 2 Union battalions in the process and shaking others. YES!!!!!! I thought I had it won and when my unit at David's rear was reformed I decided to charge the shaken Union battalion opposite, that was on a Formation Change order only to see it be able to turn around, form line and fire all in the same move, all from a shaken!!!! (what the **** is that all about?) Anyway a big melee began needing 3 rolls to decide the winner and in the end I was defeated! Great fun though!

Union : JP
Rebels : John M

Lord of the Rings 19.6.10

A few pictures from a couple of Lord of the Rings games played by the younger members of the club over the past few weeks. The lads seem to pick the darkest part of the hall each week and I have had problems getting good pictures so this is all I have managed to save.

This is the only 1 that turned out sort of ok from this weeks game.

I wish I had managed to get some more pics of this game from last week as it looked the business.

Martins Evil hordes were trying to make a tasty meal out of Kyle and David's good guys.

My nephew's David and Ian picked up 2 bags of WW2 20mm figures from Wappenshaw for £20 each I think? (I think it worked out as a good deal?) There were some nice SHQ, Battlefield and MLR as well as some dross.

It was good to see the lads putting them to good use right away by thinking up a wee game for them fighting some zombie/skeleton type figures that were also in the bags.

I have to say I was pretty impressed that they filled their extra time after their main game with this. Possibly some potential rule authors for the future?

Kyle if you or your dad are reading this David and Martin have arranged another game for next Saturday 26th June if you would like to join them. I can't remember if they will be playing 40K or Lord of the Rings though?

Lord of the Rings : Martin M, David P

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Let there be light!

Now here is dedication for you! Last week at the club we were chatting about the up coming Wappenshaw show and basically we were all going. So it looked like the club would be off on Saturday 19th. Well Stuart is surprised us all with his commitment to the club as he not only was going to be attending Wappenshaw (straight in the door at 10am) he had also arranged a game with young Stephen for 12pm. Pretty impressive stuff I am sure you will agree. I only seen Stuart for a second, at least I think it was Stuart? (it was hard to tell as my vision was blurred as he was moving so fast darting from stand to stand picking up what bargains he could before he had make his speedy exit). Anyway the gist of it is Stuart inspired us and we all pretty much made it back to Law for a game or 2 and it turned out to be a great day!

Stuart's evil beast's took on young Stephens forces of good and it looked to be a very hard fought game.

These are my personal favourite out of Stuarts Evil army. Fantastic paint job!!!

Although this is a duff photo (usually destined for the bin) I kept it as I think it worked out pretty well with the forces of good getting some extra help from a divine light cast from the heavens.

It even looks like some of the winged demons are trying to protect their eyes from the light!

I believe Stuart had to convert these figures?

I can remember him asking us a few weeks ago if we had and spare wings!!! Strangely enough none of us had any so Stuart had to find another solution and where ever he got these ones they do the job. It would be good to hear how you did your conversions Stuart and what wings you used!

Anyway it was a pretty mad battle that went on for quite some time and I think in the end they called it a draw!

Elves : Stephen
Demons : Stuart L

Saturday, 19 June 2010

CWC News Saturday 19.6.10

Wow, excellent day at the club today. The majority of us made it through to Wappenshaw 1st thing to pick up our goodies from various traders (myself, I had some shiny stuff on order from Pendraken and Warbases with some extra bits from Central Wargaming).

Then it was back to the club for some brilliant games!!!
Von Hannah and Des re fought the Battle of the Boyne (a really colourful looking game) and Young Stephen and Stuart rattled out a pretty big fantasy game with the High Elves against Demons. Game three was with the young lads Craig, Martin and my nephews David and Ian with lord of the Rings. The killer game was the battle I was involved in (JP, John M, David P and myself) a 10mm ACW battle that was a real cracker right to the end swaying back and worth with loads of debate. Pictures to follow!!!

Just a wee note to say the club will be on today!!!!!

Most of us will be going down to Wappenshaw 1st thing then up to the club for 12(ish) for some gaming and showing off our new toys.

Hope to see you all there.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

10mm ACW!!!! 12.6.10

Well here we go again with another project for the club but I guess it was just a matter of time! Another good turnout for the club this weekend with a few being unable to attend we still managed to get 3 good sized games on the go and a new member to boot, a very big welcome to young Kyle (maybe we will be able to tempt your dad along sometime too???)

The lads at the club (and also Motherwell club) have been playing ACW in 15mm with the JRII rules for a good few years now and when John M and John B started coming along to the club with their 10mm ACW we all started looking at them with the sparkling eyes of a little kitten checking out goldfish swimming around their round bowl. Very interested and wanting to get our paws on them but not quite sure if we wanted to get dripping wet

Well the inevitable has happened, John M and JP have been discussing the basing of the 10mm for JRII (results shown left) and have done some games both at the club and up in a damp cave somewhere between Larkhall and Strathaven Electricity there is not but experimental wargamers there are by the shed load!!!!

And now we have all taken the plunge!

As well as John M's Confederate units well on the way to being rebased he has a Union brigade on the go too.

A wee closeup of some of John M's Rebel gunners

JP picked up the Pendraken Union army pack and is bashing his way through them at lightning speed. JP style

JP's Union battery well on the way to being finished

The visual effect is very much the same as the 15mm figures but with the smaller footprint allows much more room to maneuver while getting more eye candy onto the tabletop

David P and myself will be picking up both Confederate and Union army packs this weekend at Wappenshaw!

so hopefully we will have some of our own troops on the table soon.

David C has also shown an interest in the 10mm ACW (Pendraken 10mm ACW by John M shown left) so we should be able to rustle up some pretty big battles soon enough. We may even start some of those campaigns that are often talked about! Who knows?