Sunday, 6 June 2010

CWC News Saturday 5.6.10

Well we had a very good day at the club with four games on the go. Muggins here forgot to pack his camera but still we had a great time of it and a few of our long lost members made a welcome showing. So not a bad turnout at all considering a few guys had other commitments.

Young David and Martin had 2 excellently set out Lord of the Rings games on the go and they definitely looked like a lot of fun.

Jamie D, David W and young Craig got stuck into Space Hulk (the new version). This was 1 of my favourite games at school.

Myself and JP fought a brilliant Napoleonic battle with my Russians trying to hold a crossroads against his Frenchies. Really great fun with the battle rocking back and forth. JP broke 2 squares and destroyed a brigade as well as my big 6 gun battery and I managed to capture 1 of his Generals and put 1 of his brigades to flight (2nd time this worked to my opponents advantage) and chase his cuirassier regiment of the table. We were well rusty with the rules and we called it a draw at the end.

John M and David C fought Chumbawumba (ACW battle Chickamauga to those in the know) in 15mm with the JR2 rules and it looked the business. There was a fair bit of debate about 1 critical point and I think some further investigation will be required to sort it out. I believe they fought to a draw?

All in all a pleasant days gaming.

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