Monday, 26 October 2009

Carluke Wargames Club is Back!!!

Hurrah! We finally have a new home and the cold turkey is over! Well its been a long time coming but the club starts up again this Saturday, 31st October 2009.

It's been a hard year with our old home ear marked for demolition in the near future and our "was to be" new home just opening its doors but it seems the financial crisis that's gripped the world has forced the rates for the new community centre up through the roof. So much so that if the club had took up residence then only politicians and city bankers would have been able to afford the subs each Saturday!

Thankfully Stuart was on the case and found us a new home. Stuart sent out an email this week to most of us but I'm not sure if everyone got it so here are the details:

The club starts again this Saturday, 31st October 2009 at the new venue of the Tom Craig Centre, Lawhill Road, Law. 12pm till 5pm.

There should be 8 tables (4 x 2) so that all members can participate. They have a kitchen there as well.

Subs £1.50 each.
Bring your own coffee etc.
Parking is on street I'm afraid.

So hopefully we will have a good turnout.
Well done Stuart!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Larkhallium 2.10 AD Closeups

So that was that, a good days gaming in JP's garage. The Davids and myself have had a little go at DBA but this was our 1st time out with DBM and it seemed to run really smoothly and was a lot of fun. Not to complicated and pretty fast playing.
(I thought it would be nice to finish off with some closeups of the troops we were using. Big thanks to JP for the hospitality!)

David finished this elephant for his Roman army (I believe the Romans can attach 1 elephant to their army?) and thankfully didn't use it on the day as it might have caused my cavalry on the left a bit of a handful.
The normal troops look excellent but it's the special items like elephants and artillery that really add to the look of a 15mm army. David has been busy converting figures by moving arms and heads to give some variety to his units. The 2 guys on the top of this elephant are the same figure with one given a bald head!

Some more of Davids troops again with the commanders chariot in the background.

Loads of interesting poses in this bunch.
Some of my glorious charioteers kindly supplied by JP for the day.

Some of young David's Roman force. Heavy cavalry from Warrior Miniatures in Glasgow. They do a great deal on their army packs.

More from JP's large Celtic collection this time some of his cavalry. "You were talking of re-basing your army John and no doubt you can have these guys all re-based within the week but why not just start another army! go on you know you want to!!" All of these figures and more will be appearing soon at a community centre near you (if you live near Carluke that is) so if you fancy a game give us a shout!

Larkhallium 2.10 AD part2

. . . Continued As this was just a day for learning the rules we just fielded what we had available and decided not to stick firmly to the rules on how many casualties you had to inflict to win the game so basically it was a fight to the death, last man standing sort of thing. It has to be said that David and young David were well outnumbered in most areas.

So right along the field it all kicked off and for a time it seemed to be pretty even with the Romans as expected gaining the upper hand in their sector.

However after a time the Celts Superior numbers began to show. Added to that the war band rule resulting on kills even on push backs against certain types of troops and the Romans began to crack.

The Romans Allies to their immediate left weren't doing much better either and the enemy centre began to crumble.

A close up shot of the fighting in the centre: Really nice looking armies fielded by both David and JP, very colourful and a great inspiration.

It was brother against brother at my end of the table (literally) and my foot looked to have the upper hand numerically but they were up against a mixed bag of chariot, cavalry and foot.

With some pretty jammy dice from myself and low dice from David the enemy force slowly began to break up.
Soon only the commander and a few hardened troops were all that remained against my gallant Celtic warriors.
Out on the left looked to be a more difficult task for the Celts.

Again the dice gods were against the enemy and their troops began to disappear in droves. Back in the centre the Romans looked to be done for too. The Allies had won the day!
So that was that, before you could say Boudicca's your auntie the Romans had their flights booked on easy jet and they were off home to sit around in the sun sipping fine wine with classy ladies in designer clothes. While we got back to tending to our sheep, going down the local at the weekend, getting drunk and fighting amongst ourselves.
And that's the way we like it!

Larkhallium 2.10 AD (After Dinner)

With the club still awaiting the completion of our new gaming centre (Carluke Community Centre) the wargaming has been pretty dead of late and thankfully JP stepped into the void offering a venue this Saturday for a little game of DBM.

The face off : The Celtic tribes (JP and myself) had grown pretty tired of the Romans and their Allies (David and David Jnr) taking wer land, sheep (n wimen) and we decided that it was aboot time we kicked their sorry behinds back to sunny Rome!! Apologies right off for the picture quality through this 1, I know the old line about workmen blaming tools etc but the light was supplied by a tiny window and there were shadows galore!

This was my little section out on the left of the Celtic line a small force on foot (but obviously the best on the field!) and a few units of cavalry and chariots.

Facing me was a force of turn coat natives mounted up and pretty keen to do battle having their Roman chums with them.

The Romans and their Allies stretched right along the length of the table and looked to be quite a formidable force.

Their skirmishes deployed out front hoping to break up the massed army facing them.
A wee close up of some of the Roman legion with the sun at their backs. All the Romans were from David and young Davids growing collection.

A view from the Roman encampment as the large Celtic force emerging from the forest.

Quite a number of Celts facing the Romans!
All the Allied army was from the collection of JP and very nice they were too.

The sabre rattling begins and the Romans start to push forward to see if they can put the Celts to flight.

I really like the look of the DBM armies and they look the part on the table.
The brave heart antics start to go into full flow from the Celtic lines.

And that was it the Romans decided enough was enough and went for it and the Celts seeing that they outnumbered the enemy by a fair bit got stuck in too.

The Celtic cavalry were soon in the thick of things too plunging headlong into the Roman heavies. Pretty soon they were pushing each other back and forwards at their end of the table and this went on for most of the game. However this section of the battlefield quickly became a bit of a sideshow compared to the goings on elsewhere.
. . . to be continued

Saturday, 10 October 2009

CWC News Saturday 10.10.09

No club today again guys,
Sorry I didn't post earlier I figured most would already have guessed from Stuarts last mail.

Hopefully the move over will be complete for next weekend (fingers crossed)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Larry Lead Head

Stuart passed this 1 onto me and I had forgotten how funny the cartoons are. Check out the archive for more funnies.

It's good clean fun and for us gamers so enjoy:

See you all soon!