Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We had a good turnout for the last club Saturday of the year with 2 games on the go, 5 players and 3 visitors and everything was done in good spirit.

So wanted to sign out the year by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

See you all in 2011!!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fantasy 11.12.10

And finally Jonathan's High Elves.

Stretching right across the table.

For justice and freedom and the safety of all that's good in the world.

Against the might of Stuarts evil hordes.

Crazy looking winged things!

Burny hot looking orangy red things! (and some weird looking pink things with loads of eyes!)

The 2 armies faced up (I am sure some of those white cloaks may well have turned just a little bit chocolate coloured at this point?).

The forces of good stand their ground as the evil troops eat away at them.

I think in the end the forces of good won the day but there is always next week!!!

So that's the last of the updates from last Saturday. This Saturday coming will be the last club day before the Festive break so hopefully we will have a good turn out.

Sassanids and Romans 2

The 2nd battle saw David up against Robert (who dropped in on his way down for a paper).

So more pretty pictures of the 2 armies facing up.

Again I have no idea who won the battle?

David's Sassanid army is pretty much all cavalry.

Some Sassanid cavalry taking on the Romans.

More Sassanid cavalry.

And a big hand with the DBM measuring stick.

More fighting.

Now this picture looks as though the Romans might have cleared away a lot of the Sassanid cavalry threat? But I can't be sure?

Fantasy close ups

Some close ips of the Demon and Hi Elf figures from Stuart and Jonathan.

Stuarts slowly working his way through a pretti impressive demon army.

These pink dudes have got to be some of his best work so far finished off with the lava bases.

And Jonathan is working his way through a High Elf army (as well as a Skaven force!).

A couple of the main characters in the force

Not exactly sure who they are but they are nice!

Sassanids and Romans

There were 2 DBM games played by the end of Saturday both with the same figures.

The 1st game was David P snr and Jon B as the Sassanids. You can pretty much work out what the 2 elephant crews are saying to each other.

"what's going on down there? don't know some sort of big battle, don't fancy that much, me neither, lets crack open some beers and watch and lets try to look like trees, good idea, ohh look at me I'm a tree! ".

Up against JP with the Romans.

The guys haven't been doing points battles so it's been a case of put down on the table what you have painted.

This week both armies came from David P's growing collection

I have no idea who won in the end as I wasn't paying attention?

Salamanders and Tyranids

This week David, Martin and Simon had planned on a points games for 40K. I believe this is the 1st 40K points game David and Martin have played at the club? So a new beginning and it certainly looked the part

Finally moving away from the darkest spot in the room younDavid and Martin decided to set up on the darkest sheet in the room ;-)

Simon was playing the Salamanders and has been building his force up from scratch so we should be seeing loads of newly painted Spacemarines over the coming months.

The Tyranid force this week came from David P snr and jnrs collection.

Some Salamanders in a bit of trouble here.

More nids swarming around some unlucky troops.

Loads of them

Enough to drive a rod of fear through your heart!

And there is an awful lot more in this collection (snake like creatures and flying beasts).

A close up of a couple of Simons newly painted Salamanders.

And 1 of young Davids newly finished Ultramarines (not used today)

And I think this is 1 of the tyranid leaders? I don't think he isn't quite finished yet?

Saturday, 11 December 2010

WW2 in 10mm Practice

John M and myself had a little mess about with ww2 on Saturday to give me an idea of the rules

A simple affair starting out with a single tank each working up to a few shermans taking on a panther.

Finishing off with a bit of fun as a load of shermans trying to get in close and do some damage to a Tiger II.

It was interesting to see how it all played out and for a 40 year old set of rules it worked really well.

The tanks are from Pendraken's 10mm ww2 range and are really lovely.

LotRings 11.12.10

Well considering we are ment to be slowing down for the festive break we had a great turn out at the club with 7 games being played.

On the darkest cloth in the room Simon, Martin ad David P jnr finished up their 40K game early and managed to fit in a Lord of the Rings game using the newest set of rules.

A group of bad guys advancing forward pikes in hand.

Some brothers of Rohan riding into battle and that's about it as I have know idea who won as I hadn't noticed the lads had set up for another game.
You know what I am going to say here lads, you could do with getting your movement trays finished!!!

Friday, 10 December 2010

CWC News Saturday 11.12.10

Hello all,
Sorry for the lack of updates (and my lack of attendance!) but real life has been getting in the way.

Games on the go tomorrow:
I believe young David and Martin and a new member who dropped by last week are doing 40K (tyranids and stuff). JP, David P Snr and Jon B are playing ancients and John M and myself will be playing 10mm WW2. I think Stuart and Jonathan will be along too so if anyone else would like to pop along there should be a chance to join in somewhere.

Just 2 Saturdays to go before the festive break so see you all tomorrow at 12pm

Thursday, 25 November 2010

LotRings Big Battle

A few pictures David P Snr took of a large battle of Lord of the Rings a few weeks ago when I was elsewhere. You can see 1 of David's five (5) mumaks on the rampage!

The battle was set up and played by young David and Martin

The lads have moved on to the Return of the King rules (correct me if I'm wrong?) for their Lord of the Rings battles so the troops now need movement trays and hopefully the lads will get some sand and paint on the soon!

All the terrain is from David P Jnr and snrs collection built by David P snr