Tuesday, 26 October 2010

CWC Club News 23.10.10

We had a great day at the club on Saturday with 3 excellent looking games on the go and I didn't bother to take my camera down!

Game 1: Young David and Martin had a huge Lord of the Rings battle with hordes of Urik?(Large Orks with big sticks) and regiments of Riders of Rohan and loads of other figures. Not sure what the result was?

Game 2: Was I think the best looking ACW game I have seen down at the club with David P Senior and John M taking on the might of the North (Lanarkshire) David C.

Game 2: JP and myself fought out a brilliant game of naps. His massed French ranks trying to knock my Prussians from the field. I think JP will agree this was my best tactical game yet. JP had Superior cavalry and I managed to hold up his flanks while concentrating the majority of my troops on his main thrust. It was a hard fought draw which was a very good result for myself. It had a real feel of an 1813 battle with loads of hard fighting and grinding down of troops with no clear victory..

Next week . . .
Jon B and myself will be playing Naps again as he slowly builds up his British force and gets into the rules and JP, John M and David P will be DBMin (Sassanids I think?). I don't know what the rest of the guys will be doing so email around and see what's going on.

Monday, 11 October 2010

WW2 20mm 9.10.10

Again sorry for the hellish pictures but you get the idea of what was going on. Panzer IV from Esci with Eduard turret skirt and SHQ tanker, German figures from Battlefront

Young David set up a 20mm WW2 battle for Normandy 1944. I think these Cromwells are from Hat (fast builds?)

David was the Allies and Martin the Germans.

The allied infantry advance with the cover of a sherman firefly. The Firefly is from Milicast

The hidden German defenders begin to take a heavy toll on the allied advance.

This is a collection David P, David P jnr and myself have been building over the years. Figures are from SHQ and MLR, Vehicle from Matchbox

British infantry looking pretty vulnerable as they move along an open lane in the bocage.

A burning inferno, The lads nipped out to boots and bought some cotton wool to use as smoke (class).

British medium weapons crews and vehicles using buildings and trees as cover. Vehicles this time from Cromwell Models and Hasagawa

Fantasy 9.10.10

Jonathan and Charles managed to get 2 games on the go on Saturday!!

Jonathan brought along his High Elves

And Charles fielded his Chaos army (is that right)

I think the Chaos army is 1 of the coolest produced by the Dark Lords at GW

Evil Chaos champion type guy.

The evil horde advances.

Jonathans high elf nights charging into action.

These are the guys who impress me the most in the chaos figure range. The amount of detail in them is incredible (again sorry about the burned out low res picture).

The chaos bring forward the ugliest monster in the land.

A view from behind the massed ranks of evil.

And the full battlefield.

Loads of nice figures on show!

Naps 9.10.10

Again sorry for the pish foties (these are probably the worst)

Jon B and myself had a nice Naps game on Saturday to have another go of the rules as Jon familiarises himself with the GdeB rules.

I was assaulting with my Russians and Prussians

And Jon was the evil Frenchies! We gave Jon 2 batteries of 12lb artillery (1 a guard battery) to make things really interesting and Jon also had 2 regiments of cavalry that would appear at some point rolling for where they would appear.

I set up pretty badly (as per usual) and set about advancing on the French lines.

And Jon shot the s*** out of my battalions as they approached.

This is the 1st time we have had a full guard brigade in battle and they are pretty effective.

Jon borrowed a couple of my dice and they must have been my 2 weighted dice as they never really rolled below a eight all game!

I was just off night shift but we muddled through and it was a fun wee game.

I would think Jon probably held the day with some of my battalions pretty much churned up. A typical 1813 battle with the Allies thinking they had the beating of the Frenchies only to get a bloody nose!

A big thanks to JP for bringing his Frenchies along as an after thought or it would have been Russians against Prussians. I'm looking forward to seeing Jon's British brigade take shape so we can get some Waterloo games on the go!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lizards and Demons 9.10.10

This is a battle I really wanted to get some good pictures of as this is the 1st time JP's Lizard men have graced the tables of Law but unfortunately mediocrity was the order of the day camera wise.

There was 2 great pieces bits of conversion work on the table with JP making a big dinosaur thing from some spare bits and a toy from a £1 shot

And Stuart making some dead dinos (to dig at JP) also from the £1 shop. Both very convincing.

I thought I had seen pretty much all the figures JP had painted but these guys took me completely by surprise.

An excellent paint job and basing.

I believe these guys are pretty hard dudes? (I remember somebody, sometime, somewhere in the past telling me they where like 1 of the original Fantasy species?) Shoot me down if I am wrong.

A close up of JP's Dino beast and riders.

A really hard fought game and I have no idea who won so if you would like to let us in on the final outcome guys?

ACW 9.10.10

Sorry my camera hasn't worked so well since it came back from being repaired, all the pictures are coming out midnight dark despite looking light on the camera?

Anyway they have been blasted with light so are pretty saturated but you can still see the action.

A great turn out this week with 5 games on the go.

David P and John M fought out this 15mm ACW battle.

John M played the Union.

And pretty much dominating the table with David P played the Rebs.

Those Union 3 guns are very effective beasts.

The Union swamping forward.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Dead Shall Rise

Stuart and Jonathan (our newest member) fought out a nice looking game of fantasy on Saturday. Jonathan I have to apologise as hardly any of my photo's of your skaven came out.

Stuarts Skeleton horde

And their boney rides

Family shot: From childhood I always liked the look of Skeleton armies (because of Jason and the Argonauts I think?).

Stuart modeled this 1 on himself. His attention to the hair is incredible

The bones advance.

The skaven await their assault.

Take that big Mo Fo down!

Some sort of vulture perhaps?

Some anorexic cheerleaders.

And the graves of the defeated.