Monday, 11 October 2010

Fantasy 9.10.10

Jonathan and Charles managed to get 2 games on the go on Saturday!!

Jonathan brought along his High Elves

And Charles fielded his Chaos army (is that right)

I think the Chaos army is 1 of the coolest produced by the Dark Lords at GW

Evil Chaos champion type guy.

The evil horde advances.

Jonathans high elf nights charging into action.

These are the guys who impress me the most in the chaos figure range. The amount of detail in them is incredible (again sorry about the burned out low res picture).

The chaos bring forward the ugliest monster in the land.

A view from behind the massed ranks of evil.

And the full battlefield.

Loads of nice figures on show!


  1. Saturday was a top day, 2 x games of Fantasy.

    Game 1Draw HE V Chaos. Both Mages Destroying their own units via irresistable/miscasts.

    Very even game.

    At turn 4 of game 2 the Skaven looked to be closing in on the few remaining Chaos Units.
    The sheer weight in numbers of the skaven horde with all their supporting attacks slowly whittled down the tough warriors.

  2. Good looking games Saturday,
    The Warhammer Fantasy figures are superb. Make you want to go out and buy some just for the hell of it.