Saturday, 28 January 2012

40K 28.1.12

I'm very glad to say that at last someone at the club has started taking pictures of the action!!!

As you may know when my work pattern changed last year I was left with only 1 Saturday off in 3 and it's pretty hard to tell the wife you are going to spend it down at the club playing with little men (sad face)

Thankfully it doesn't matter now as a new lad Cameron has appeared full of enthusiasm and also pretty handy with a camera.

You can see more pics of today's battle over at Cameron's own blog (that looks very promising) so mind and drop by and check it out: Braidwood Wargames Blog

Monday, 23 January 2012

Naps 14.1.12

It has been a good long while since our last update basically because I haven't been to the club because of work. I dropped down last Saturday and managed to take some pics of a couple of games.
1st up David P, John M, JP and Des played out an 1813 Naps game.
JP's Prussians where defending.
Against the massed hordes of French infantry.
For once John M had his good dice with him and things were looking good for the French.
We men taking their orders from the magic hand.
Pretty soon the French battalions were knocking on the Prussians doors asking for beer and sausages.
The Prussians refused so the Frenchies decided to take it by force.
I believe this was the 1st outing for the Davids newly finished young guard?
And they took full advantage of the weakened Prussians and smashed right through them. 
In the end a total victory for the French smashing all before them.