Sunday, 10 June 2012

15mm ACW 5.12

Catching up with some of the games on show at Law from a month of 2 ago.
This 1 is from a game of 15mm ACW played with the Johnny Reb II rules between David P, Robert T and David C.
This looks to me to be 1 of the most attractive ACW games put on at the club. The Rebs are David P and the Union are from Robert T's collection. The guys have used the GW battle Mat and the fences and basing match it really well.
Davids figures are a complete mix of figures from many different companies that help bring his units to life.
Don't know much about Robert's troops, maybe he will fill us in?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Naps

Here are some pics from a Naps game Robert and I had a few weeks back
The scene was set in 1812 with the Austrians and Saxons against Russians.
Have to say I was well and truly humped with only a cool action from my cossacks smashing into the flank of a faltered Austrian cuirraser regiment lead by my CinC the only highlight for me!
Roberts experience showed as did my poor tactics! I stupidly didn't put my lights out in front to slow the slaughter as I advanced and my cavalry was jammed over on the right.
My advancing columns were shot to pieces as the approached.
And in the end my troops were chased away pretty easily.
I have to add my positioning of my guns was also very poor!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

10mm ACW in May

I have been taking pics of games down at the club every time I pass through and haven't really had the chance to post any for a while. These pics are from a game of 10mm ACW Jon B and Sparky put on last Saturday.
A cracking looking game with really nice figures and terrain.
I believe Jon has painted all the troops and it is good to see more and more getting completed as the months have gone by.
Jon was in charge of the Rebs.
As you can see the Yanks are still in the process of being painted. It's great to see the transformation from this stage to the finished articles above.
I'll post more games when I get the chance!

Monday, 23 April 2012

40K 21.4.12

Some quick pics from a 40k game down at the club last Saturday.
Not been good at the updates due to work commitments but have a few pics stored away.
This battle was between young Davids Tyranids
Still not complete but coming together nicely
Frightening looking beasts!
And Camerons Imperial Fists (is that correct?)
A nice looking battle field with loads of cool figures
I believe Jamie M C got in on the game too?
No idea who won but it looked the business!!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ugly Fantasy 4.2.12

Some of the ugliest (but coolest) figures from GW you can get, on show at the club last week controlled by a couple of connoisseurs of Warhammer Fantasy.
 Jonathan and Stuart fought out this impressive Warhammer Fantasy battle. Jonathan fielded his Skaven and Stu his Demons.
 Good to see so many figures in the progress of being painted from both players!
 Since I last seen this army of demons Stuart has finished off these ugly sisters. Stuart side he once dated a lass who looked exactly like the sister on the right (although with smaller feet).
What an abomination this creature is! Will look great painted!!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

ACW in 10mm 4.2.12

As I mentioned on my last post I dropped by the club for a few minutes and decided to take some pics of the action.
Jon B and Alan had a 10mm ACW game on the go.
A close-up of 1 of Jon's Reb artillery batteries.
A bad picture but these are meant to be Scottish!!! You can just make out the green and yellow tartan trousers on a couple of the figures. I would guess that Jon will be finishing the bases off soon.
Quite a neat little battlefield I would say.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

40K 04.02.12

I dropped by the club on Saturday to take a few snaps of the action. Four nice games on the go with this Space Marine battle being the pick of the bunch.
Cool terrain and figures on show
Cameron and David were fighting out this 1.
David's Ultra Marines holding the church ruin.
Some of Cameron's cool kit
Can't remember the name of them (Imperial Fist?).
And my favourite Space Marine guys with their jet packs.
As Ray says very cool terrain piece.
More of David's Ultra Marinesholding the line. In the end Cameron smashed Davids army to bits ;0)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

40K 28.1.12

I'm very glad to say that at last someone at the club has started taking pictures of the action!!!

As you may know when my work pattern changed last year I was left with only 1 Saturday off in 3 and it's pretty hard to tell the wife you are going to spend it down at the club playing with little men (sad face)

Thankfully it doesn't matter now as a new lad Cameron has appeared full of enthusiasm and also pretty handy with a camera.

You can see more pics of today's battle over at Cameron's own blog (that looks very promising) so mind and drop by and check it out: Braidwood Wargames Blog

Monday, 23 January 2012

Naps 14.1.12

It has been a good long while since our last update basically because I haven't been to the club because of work. I dropped down last Saturday and managed to take some pics of a couple of games.
1st up David P, John M, JP and Des played out an 1813 Naps game.
JP's Prussians where defending.
Against the massed hordes of French infantry.
For once John M had his good dice with him and things were looking good for the French.
We men taking their orders from the magic hand.
Pretty soon the French battalions were knocking on the Prussians doors asking for beer and sausages.
The Prussians refused so the Frenchies decided to take it by force.
I believe this was the 1st outing for the Davids newly finished young guard?
And they took full advantage of the weakened Prussians and smashed right through them. 
In the end a total victory for the French smashing all before them.