Sunday, 5 February 2012

40K 04.02.12

I dropped by the club on Saturday to take a few snaps of the action. Four nice games on the go with this Space Marine battle being the pick of the bunch.
Cool terrain and figures on show
Cameron and David were fighting out this 1.
David's Ultra Marines holding the church ruin.
Some of Cameron's cool kit
Can't remember the name of them (Imperial Fist?).
And my favourite Space Marine guys with their jet packs.
As Ray says very cool terrain piece.
More of David's Ultra Marinesholding the line. In the end Cameron smashed Davids army to bits ;0)


  1. Love the ruined church, that's very well done!

  2. Hi Ray, yeah I thought that myself. I think it come from GW like that?

  3. Excellent photos. I stupidly forgot to bring my camera on Saturday :(