Friday, 10 February 2012

ACW in 10mm 4.2.12

As I mentioned on my last post I dropped by the club for a few minutes and decided to take some pics of the action.
Jon B and Alan had a 10mm ACW game on the go.
A close-up of 1 of Jon's Reb artillery batteries.
A bad picture but these are meant to be Scottish!!! You can just make out the green and yellow tartan trousers on a couple of the figures. I would guess that Jon will be finishing the bases off soon.
Quite a neat little battlefield I would say.


  1. Great photos. Nice looking game.

  2. Those 10mm look very nice what manufacturer ?

    Rules used ?

  3. Hi, would think the figures are from Pendraken and the rules will probably be Johnny Reb 2.

    Jon would you be able to clear this up?

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. yes the rules are johnny Reb 2