Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Naps

Here are some pics from a Naps game Robert and I had a few weeks back
The scene was set in 1812 with the Austrians and Saxons against Russians.
Have to say I was well and truly humped with only a cool action from my cossacks smashing into the flank of a faltered Austrian cuirraser regiment lead by my CinC the only highlight for me!
Roberts experience showed as did my poor tactics! I stupidly didn't put my lights out in front to slow the slaughter as I advanced and my cavalry was jammed over on the right.
My advancing columns were shot to pieces as the approached.
And in the end my troops were chased away pretty easily.
I have to add my positioning of my guns was also very poor!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

10mm ACW in May

I have been taking pics of games down at the club every time I pass through and haven't really had the chance to post any for a while. These pics are from a game of 10mm ACW Jon B and Sparky put on last Saturday.
A cracking looking game with really nice figures and terrain.
I believe Jon has painted all the troops and it is good to see more and more getting completed as the months have gone by.
Jon was in charge of the Rebs.
As you can see the Yanks are still in the process of being painted. It's great to see the transformation from this stage to the finished articles above.
I'll post more games when I get the chance!