Saturday, 1 October 2011

Battle for the Walls 10.9.11

Been too busy at work to post updates so this is 1 from a few weeks ago.
Young David and Martin fought out a cracking looking LotRings battle
David was in charge of the evil forces intent on getting over or through the walls to the man flesh beyond.
The David's LotRings armies continue to grow if at a slow pace compared to the rest of their armies but they are still very impressive.
I'm not sure of the spelling (and I am too tired to look it up) but the haridin are all recent additions to their army and make a nice change to the abominations of orks and goblins etc in the evil ranks.
The bad guys move into the walls hoping to scale them and kill all within.
All of the walls, building s etc come from the David's collection. Some still to be finished off
The big guns are brought up. The trolls in LotR's are similar to the tiger tank in WW2, heavy, slow and not that many around but do a lot of damage when given the chance.
Things are starting to look pretty bad for the forces of good. The Riders of Rohan have stormed forward to try and stem the tide.
It's too late, the big guys are in and nothing's going to stop them!!!
The last of the Rohanians have turned and fled and the baddies will eat who is left around. In the end a win for the forces of evil. Well laid out game guys, you should be proud of yourselves. Martin painted a good amount of the figures on show too!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Ugly Club 10.9.11

I managed to make it down to the club this week for the 1st time in a very, very long time and it was good to see a reasonable turn out at the club (12).
This was 1 of 3 games on the go on Saturday (Skaven and Ogres I believe?).
1 of the Skavens magical death bringing machines
Stewart and Jonathan set up a nice looking battlefield with plenty of cool looking beasts plus what looks to be lots of future painting for J!
Yet another of the Skaven killing machines.
Not sure what the cards are for in the game? Is this a new thing guys?
This has to be a contender for the ugliest Warhammer Fantasy beast I have ever seen! It reminds me of something from a James Herbert book I read as a kid. Can't wait to see this baby painted!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

ACW 15mm May

Some pictures from the club back in May. Pictures taken by Craig (cheers Craig for emailing them over). I believe these are of my brother David's ACW figures.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Giants 16.4.11

More pics of grown men playing with their little toys! ;-)

JP and Stuart fought out a Warhammer Fantasy battle a few weeks ago and I forgot I had taken these.

My shift pattern changes on 14th May so this will pretty much be my last post as I will only have every 3rd Saturday off and I no doubt will be spending that with the good lady.

Again if anyone wants to send me pics of some club games get snapping.

Stuart will be contact most people with what is on the go each week.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

ACW 15mm 16.4.11

Sorry for the lack of posts guys. Other than the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to attend the club due to real life commitments and with my appeal for photo's of games falling on deaf ears (no surprise there then) I have been unable to do any reports. Thankfully I managed to get some pics of this Saturdays games. Also there was a new lad (Craig) who seems keen on taking some pics when I am not around and sending them onto me. Fingers crossed all goes well and I can manage to maintain the blog.

David P was due to play JP and John M at ACW this week. Somehow JP was magicked away into a world of fantasy by Stuart so David P and John M were left to fight it out alone. Like most weeks at the club however some budding disciples began to arrive to fill the gaps.

First the D man arrived fresh from his move back home to be with his fellow CWC buddies. He has been keeping his move on the down low but I had my suspicions as he kept on arriving with more and more lead soldiers each week, secretly depositing them in and around the local area!!!

(I have some of his 15mm ancients stashed in my spare room).

Then Jon B casually strolled in at 12.50pm (10 minutes earlier than usual!)

The 4 amigos, it's amazing how small the table looks next to real people (Jon B that's not a dig at you big lad!)

So the guys set up a scenario with the Union defending against a large rebel force and I believe the guys were rolling to see when their reinforcements returned.

In Johnny Reb II this is usually a very scary sight, a Union 3 gun battery and infantry holding the fence line against an approaching mass of troop. Those 3 gun Union batteries can be pretty devastating!

I believe all the troops on the table are from my brother David's 15mm ACW collection.

A close up of some excellent fences gifted to our club from the guys of the old Motherwell club. I do like to see nice terrain in a game.

Massed Rebel ranks preparing for the assault.

The French manage to turn the Prussian flank (sorry wrong blog). The Rebs manage to sneak round the Union flank. Usually a major problem in JR II!

The D-mans favourite figures of the day.

So in the end a Reb victory was declared. I wasn't paying much attention to the game but it did sound fun with lots of laughter and name calling. A usual Saturday afternoon down at the club. So I believe the centre is closed next Saturday I will find out from Stuart what dates the club will be open through the next few weeks.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

C.W.C News 9.4.11

We had a big game of Naps last week with 10 players in all: This week as far as I know JP and David P snr will be playing ACW in 15mm plus David P jnr and myself will be playing Naps. Anyone want to join us pop in. Hopefully see you at the club. Cheers Paul

Sunday, 27 March 2011

C.W.C. Club News 26.3.11

Hello all, Sorry for the lack of posts. I am having a hard time getting down to the club because of work and life commitments. The club was on last Saturday and 6 of us managed a game of Napoleonics and you can see the results here: I believe there were 2 games on the go yesterday with a pretty impressive 15mm ACW battle with trench layout defended by the Rebs with a huge Union army assaulting. Also Stuart and Jonathan fought out a Warhammer Fantasy game. There was a good turn out with a few visitors too. Again the offer still stands if anybody wants to take a few pics and send them over to me I will post them on the club blog. Cheers Paul

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Naps 26.2.11

Managed to make it down to the club this Saturday and 5 of us had a good game of Naps. A bit short for time at the moment so I have added a link to the battle report on my Napoleonic blog:


Saturday, 12 February 2011

C.W.C. Club News 12.2.2011

Due to work and life commitments at the moment I will be unable to attend the club for a good few weeks and possibly even longer so I was thinking if anyone attending the club could take some pictures and email them to me I would be happy to keep updating our blog until I can make it down again.

Any pics will do!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Napoleonic 15.1.11 part1

Ahhhhh, what a day, WHAT A DAY!!!! It's been a long while since we last got a chance to have a game of Naps and today was just brilliant. DC and myself had talked last Saturday about having a 2nd battle of Polotsk 1812 type game with a joint Bavarian and French force attempting to hold back a superior Russian force.

I got in contact with Robert earlier in the week and he decided to join us for the day, so the 3 of us were all set. As the week went on we managed to pick up my brother David and then JP text me late last night to see if he and the D-man (travelling from the highlands) could join us.

D tried to fool us into thinking that he was taking his wife down to visit her sister but we all knew he was just looking for an excuse to get down to the club!

It turned out we had much less Bavarians between us than was 1st thought so it was pretty much a French and Russian stand up fight with my single Bavarian battalion getting their 1st outing along side the French (Answers on a postcard if you can guess what happened next?).

Des, JP and David P (my bro) were playing the evil French and the glorious Russian forces fighting for all that is good and just in the world were being played my Robert, DC (I think playing Russians for the 1st time) and myself.

So both camps disappeared to sort out a plan for the battle. Knowing that David and JP are very aggressive players (west of Scotland mentality) we decided to have the 12pdr battery facing right at them both with the bulk of the army in support.

True to form JP and David P went straight for the jugular with the main French force coming down the centre left and centre with Des also pressing myself hard with 2 large cuirassier regiments hoofing it towards my guns (shades of the light brigade at Balaclava?).

Our Russian artillery soon began to make it's presence felt taking a heavy toll of the advancing French columns.

Some of my Russian battalions glad to get out of their box for the day.

Our Russian heavy cavalry.

2 cuirassier regiments.

The mass French ranks as they prepared to advance.

I was out on the left with 2 Hussars regiments and an infantry brigade trying to pin down Desmondo. My 2 Hussar regiments forced D's young guard into square but through the woods his Bavarians and old guard kept coming. It would appear that Des is an aggressive player too!

The French cuirassiers ready to advance.

Des declared a charge on my horse battery and DC declared an opportunity charge with the the Russian cuirassiers to block them.

Like looking down the barrel of a gun the Russian cuirassiers eye up their French cuirassier enemy across the field.