Saturday, 1 October 2011

Battle for the Walls 10.9.11

Been too busy at work to post updates so this is 1 from a few weeks ago.
Young David and Martin fought out a cracking looking LotRings battle
David was in charge of the evil forces intent on getting over or through the walls to the man flesh beyond.
The David's LotRings armies continue to grow if at a slow pace compared to the rest of their armies but they are still very impressive.
I'm not sure of the spelling (and I am too tired to look it up) but the haridin are all recent additions to their army and make a nice change to the abominations of orks and goblins etc in the evil ranks.
The bad guys move into the walls hoping to scale them and kill all within.
All of the walls, building s etc come from the David's collection. Some still to be finished off
The big guns are brought up. The trolls in LotR's are similar to the tiger tank in WW2, heavy, slow and not that many around but do a lot of damage when given the chance.
Things are starting to look pretty bad for the forces of good. The Riders of Rohan have stormed forward to try and stem the tide.
It's too late, the big guys are in and nothing's going to stop them!!!
The last of the Rohanians have turned and fled and the baddies will eat who is left around. In the end a win for the forces of evil. Well laid out game guys, you should be proud of yourselves. Martin painted a good amount of the figures on show too!!!!


  1. Thanks guys,
    Glad you like it!
    Awe ra best

  2. Fantastic!!!! I have just started painting my Orcs of Mordor in order to thrash my Rohan's partner.

  3. Sounds great HK, Will keep a look out for them on your blog.

  4. I am truly inspired bu this work. AWESOME!

  5. Good to hear Chip,
    Haven't been down the club of late,
    Will post some more stuff as soon as I can.

  6. Can't wait to see the new updates since October :) I'm sure it is 100% Epic by now :)