Friday, 24 September 2010

CWC News Saturday 25.9.10

The club is off tomorrow due to the September weekend and will be back next week.

Last week saw a good day of wargaming. Stuart and John M played out a cool looking WW2 game in 10mm.

David P and DP jnr Jon B, JP, Robert and myself had an excellent 15mm napoleonic game.

And our newest member Jonathan and young Charles played out a good looking Warhammer Fantasy battle.

Unfortunately still no camera.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

CWC News Saturday 4.9.10

There were 3 games on the go yesterday (unfortunately my camera is dead and I couldn't get any photo's)

1) JP and Stuart fought out a tasty looking fantasy game with JP's very tidy looking Vampire Counts being crushed my Stuart's undead army. This was a really nice looking battle and deserved to be photographed!

2) Young Martin and David fought out another very nice looking Lord of the Rings battle from Martin's new book (battles of the king or something like that?). Anyway they have all the troops in movement trays and it looked the business.

3) The third game saw John M with a union army shooting David P's Rebs to pieces. This was also a really nice looking battle and deserved to be photographed!

I got my paints out and faffed about a bit and had a wee chat with Jon B for the afternoon.

Next week the club will be closed as various people are away climbing mountains and swimming rivers! So the next date for the club will be Saturday 18th September!!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

CWC News Saturday 4.9.10

The club will be on tomorrow from 12noon.

I believe John M, JP and David P are playing 15mm ACW plus David P Jnr and Martin M will be doing LotRings.

I believe Jon B and Stuart L are going along (not sure what they will be playing?) I will drop by also and maybe have a bit of an old paint as I have been letting it slack a bit.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.