Monday 8 June 2015

Vietnam at CWC 6/6/15

It's been a long while since I visited however this Saturday I managed to get down to the CWC. You can see a video of the games over on my YouTube channel here:

Young David has been working on a lot of 15mm Vietnam figures for the Force on Force rule set.

Huey's ferrying the GI's in . . .

Spreading out in the DZ

Little Vietnamese village infiltrated by NVA and VC

GI's Making themselves felt

Game 2 the GI's in defensive positions awaiting an offensive.

VC readying for the assault.

GI numbers are thinning out, won't be long before the dugouts fall . . .

Some of young David's lovely US kit

A U.S. Casualty set

NVA anti aircraft weaponry.

And finally a downed Huey

Hope you enjoyed it!