Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lizards and Demons 9.10.10

This is a battle I really wanted to get some good pictures of as this is the 1st time JP's Lizard men have graced the tables of Law but unfortunately mediocrity was the order of the day camera wise.

There was 2 great pieces bits of conversion work on the table with JP making a big dinosaur thing from some spare bits and a toy from a £1 shot

And Stuart making some dead dinos (to dig at JP) also from the £1 shop. Both very convincing.

I thought I had seen pretty much all the figures JP had painted but these guys took me completely by surprise.

An excellent paint job and basing.

I believe these guys are pretty hard dudes? (I remember somebody, sometime, somewhere in the past telling me they where like 1 of the original Fantasy species?) Shoot me down if I am wrong.

A close up of JP's Dino beast and riders.

A really hard fought game and I have no idea who won so if you would like to let us in on the final outcome guys?


  1. Both armies looking cracking, well painted Saurus and the demon army will look cracking once finished. I like the lava style demons and the basing. Very impressive.

    Looking forward to playing both armies in the future.

  2. Totally agree J,
    Both armies are the tops. JP really surprised us with the Lizards. Really classy.

  3. And the Lava is a great touch.