Sunday, 12 December 2010

Salamanders and Tyranids

This week David, Martin and Simon had planned on a points games for 40K. I believe this is the 1st 40K points game David and Martin have played at the club? So a new beginning and it certainly looked the part

Finally moving away from the darkest spot in the room younDavid and Martin decided to set up on the darkest sheet in the room ;-)

Simon was playing the Salamanders and has been building his force up from scratch so we should be seeing loads of newly painted Spacemarines over the coming months.

The Tyranid force this week came from David P snr and jnrs collection.

Some Salamanders in a bit of trouble here.

More nids swarming around some unlucky troops.

Loads of them

Enough to drive a rod of fear through your heart!

And there is an awful lot more in this collection (snake like creatures and flying beasts).

A close up of a couple of Simons newly painted Salamanders.

And 1 of young Davids newly finished Ultramarines (not used today)

And I think this is 1 of the tyranid leaders? I don't think he isn't quite finished yet?

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