Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fantasy 11.12.10

And finally Jonathan's High Elves.

Stretching right across the table.

For justice and freedom and the safety of all that's good in the world.

Against the might of Stuarts evil hordes.

Crazy looking winged things!

Burny hot looking orangy red things! (and some weird looking pink things with loads of eyes!)

The 2 armies faced up (I am sure some of those white cloaks may well have turned just a little bit chocolate coloured at this point?).

The forces of good stand their ground as the evil troops eat away at them.

I think in the end the forces of good won the day but there is always next week!!!

So that's the last of the updates from last Saturday. This Saturday coming will be the last club day before the Festive break so hopefully we will have a good turn out.


  1. Really good game on Saturday. First time i fought Daemons of Chaos. Very interesting battle, the 2, 20 Strong Units of Swordmansters gave Stuart a headache. I was very fortunate early on as Stuarts fliers failed to charge my BT and i countered with spearmen and Phoenix Guard and over-ran into the Juggernauts and pink horrors?, taking the right flank.
    Stuarts Flesh or Daemon hounds ripped apart my left flank, taking out archers, and Seaguard containing my L4 and L2 mages. Gutted!

    Still a Victory for the High Elves. My aim is to paint at least 5 models by next week.

  2. 5 models per week, sounds like a good plan. I think I will try and follow it!