Monday, 26 October 2009

Carluke Wargames Club is Back!!!

Hurrah! We finally have a new home and the cold turkey is over! Well its been a long time coming but the club starts up again this Saturday, 31st October 2009.

It's been a hard year with our old home ear marked for demolition in the near future and our "was to be" new home just opening its doors but it seems the financial crisis that's gripped the world has forced the rates for the new community centre up through the roof. So much so that if the club had took up residence then only politicians and city bankers would have been able to afford the subs each Saturday!

Thankfully Stuart was on the case and found us a new home. Stuart sent out an email this week to most of us but I'm not sure if everyone got it so here are the details:

The club starts again this Saturday, 31st October 2009 at the new venue of the Tom Craig Centre, Lawhill Road, Law. 12pm till 5pm.

There should be 8 tables (4 x 2) so that all members can participate. They have a kitchen there as well.

Subs £1.50 each.
Bring your own coffee etc.
Parking is on street I'm afraid.

So hopefully we will have a good turnout.
Well done Stuart!

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