Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lord of the Rings 19.6.10

A few pictures from a couple of Lord of the Rings games played by the younger members of the club over the past few weeks. The lads seem to pick the darkest part of the hall each week and I have had problems getting good pictures so this is all I have managed to save.

This is the only 1 that turned out sort of ok from this weeks game.

I wish I had managed to get some more pics of this game from last week as it looked the business.

Martins Evil hordes were trying to make a tasty meal out of Kyle and David's good guys.

My nephew's David and Ian picked up 2 bags of WW2 20mm figures from Wappenshaw for £20 each I think? (I think it worked out as a good deal?) There were some nice SHQ, Battlefield and MLR as well as some dross.

It was good to see the lads putting them to good use right away by thinking up a wee game for them fighting some zombie/skeleton type figures that were also in the bags.

I have to say I was pretty impressed that they filled their extra time after their main game with this. Possibly some potential rule authors for the future?

Kyle if you or your dad are reading this David and Martin have arranged another game for next Saturday 26th June if you would like to join them. I can't remember if they will be playing 40K or Lord of the Rings though?

Lord of the Rings : Martin M, David P

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