Saturday, 19 June 2010

CWC News Saturday 19.6.10

Wow, excellent day at the club today. The majority of us made it through to Wappenshaw 1st thing to pick up our goodies from various traders (myself, I had some shiny stuff on order from Pendraken and Warbases with some extra bits from Central Wargaming).

Then it was back to the club for some brilliant games!!!
Von Hannah and Des re fought the Battle of the Boyne (a really colourful looking game) and Young Stephen and Stuart rattled out a pretty big fantasy game with the High Elves against Demons. Game three was with the young lads Craig, Martin and my nephews David and Ian with lord of the Rings. The killer game was the battle I was involved in (JP, John M, David P and myself) a 10mm ACW battle that was a real cracker right to the end swaying back and worth with loads of debate. Pictures to follow!!!

Just a wee note to say the club will be on today!!!!!

Most of us will be going down to Wappenshaw 1st thing then up to the club for 12(ish) for some gaming and showing off our new toys.

Hope to see you all there.

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