Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Last minute ACW 19.6.10

I think my brother David and I were the last to return from Wappenshaw on Saturday as we had a little detour to make 1st and everyone was pretty much set up and fighting.

Thankfully John M and JP let us join in their 10mm ACW game and we had a great laugh as well as lots of debated points and general windups.

David took a pretty strong looking Union brigade (with 2 guns because JP needs to paint up a 3rd) and began to advance against my position.

JP is now pretty close to finishing off his 1st Union brigade. Just some work on the bases and they will be done and dusted

A wee look from behind my lines at the start

My lonely Rebel parrot. Soon to be a dead parrot, come on John get the other gun painted up!

When we arrived John M was getting set up to assault JP's position on and around the hill.

To be honest I didn't think he stood a chance against the artillery on the hill. Especially as some of the bases kept sliding down the side of it, perhaps they didn't fancy charging head long into canister?

Anyway John's charges went in and he trounced the guns and carried on for quite a way but left himself pretty exposed. JP struck back and the left wing was held in the balance for quite a time with a good few units leaving the field. Both the guys were very animated and it was fun to see the John's debating the finer points of gamesmanship, is that a word? no matter it was a great laugh anyway!

On our side of the battlefield I was pretty much getting shot up with the guns on the hill (who the hell placed that hill there!) and David's large units as well as making my usualy bad tactical judgements.

Then for some reason David left an open flank! As David had been 1st firing me for the past few rounds I decided to take the chance and go for the charge despite John M's advice.

With some good dice my unit went right through destroying 2 Union battalions in the process and shaking others. YES!!!!!! I thought I had it won and when my unit at David's rear was reformed I decided to charge the shaken Union battalion opposite, that was on a Formation Change order only to see it be able to turn around, form line and fire all in the same move, all from a shaken!!!! (what the **** is that all about?) Anyway a big melee began needing 3 rolls to decide the winner and in the end I was defeated! Great fun though!

Union : JP
Rebels : John M


  1. Really impressed with the casting, JP pointed out the extra animation on the minifigs zouaves. The real plus point in the game was the extra room for maneuver.

  2. Hi Des, agree with you 100% the figures are really nice casting and the extra space is the real bonus. They are not bad to paint either for their size. Your Battle will be up next!