Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lawhallwolkwitz 1813 part4

The Final Round : With the French cavalry unable to change their orders plus their artillery out of ammo with support from Von Hannah the brave Russian infantry managed to charge home.

With the coolness of a ninja assassin young David ordered the advance to follow up on the fleeing Prussians.

Taking a little time for a formation victory parade.

However his celebrations were a little premature and to every ones surprise I rolled my best dice of the day and my troops rallied!

The situation still looked bleak as Chris's infantry were in good shape.

With no cavalry to hinder him Chris took his chance and advanced straight for the Prussian guns! And then took them with barely a casualty!! unbelievable!!!

Even his Cuirassiers managed to get themselves together.

And charged home!

Result : A French tactical victory.
The Allied infantry was still on the field and in pretty good order, but for a small Prussian Hussar unit all of our cavalry had been wiped out and given a few more moves they would have pummelled us. However it could be said that the French had far to much cavalry for late 1813. (sour grapes? na not me, our motto is if it's painted you can us it and unfortunately we didn't have enough allied cavalry painted. Or should I say we did but since JP was going to be on the French side he conveniently didn't bother to bring them!).
A great day enjoyed by all and a nice new venue for our club!

French : David P Snr & Jnr
Prussians : Paul P
Russians : Stuart L

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