Sunday, 29 November 2009

Storm in a Teacup part1

Ardashir the leader of the Sassanids was sitting in his favourite Tea House late Thursday night chatting with some close friends, telling them about this hot Greek lass Zorba he had met and added to his Harem (if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and who just happened to be sitting at the next table? The girls brother and his mates! Well to say that he was fizzing is putting it mildly. The place erupted, there was crockery flying everywhere, Hob Nobs crushed into the carpet, the place was a right mess (this could explain why every piece of pottery the Time Team dig up is smashed into a million tiny, little pieces?)

Anyway Ardashir tried his best to apologise but the Greek lads were having none of it so it would be a fight to the death!

Playing the Sassanids was myself with heavy horse and a couple of elephants (yippee, my 1st time with efalumps).

And the overall commander Stuart with 2 units of heavy horse and some mad looking little dudes in white (who did sweet FA all game!)

Facing us with a menacing looking elongated line of hoplites with spears (are they all hoplites?) was Robert a veteran gamer who claimed he hadn't played DBM for 8 years!! (yeah right, your not fooling anybody :-)

A gorgeous looking army I think you'll agree.

It's always great when someone turns up with a nicely painted army all fresh and new to your eyes!

Stuart edged his Heavy cavalry slowly towards the shiny spear tips.

And so did I. I have to point out at this stage that this was only my 2nd game of DBM and although I understand the principals of the game from DBA I can't be held at all accountable for what's about to unfold!!! (anyway that's my slimy attempt at wriggling out of blame for the upcoming carnage over with so back to the slaughter sorry game).

Robert seeing our massed cavalry in a big line with our elephants on my flank and no light troops of our own to protect them sent out his light horse to harass our flanks.

To be continued . . .

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