Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well it's finally that time of year again and the club is of course closed through the festive season. Stuart asked me to let everyone know that the club starts up again on the 9th of January 2010.

Thanks to everyone for making the club a big success and great fun especially after the long lay off through the summer when we had to search out a new home.

You better go run
You better go hide
You better not shout
I'm telling you why
Zombie Claus is coming to town!

He'll eat you when your sleeping
He'll eat you if your awake

He'll eat you if you've been bad or good
so go hide for goodness sack!

So from Zombie Claus and myself see you in 2010.

Lets hope we get all the wee metal men for Christmas that we want!

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