Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Chaos in Lawhall part 2

So the 2 Lords of Darkness were pitted against each other, the 2 longest serving club member and it would be a fight to the death!


Still can't get over how nice these Orc's are and wee pigs too . . . would be nicer with the bases finished.

Anyway, the Lords of Darkness etc, etc . . .

So JP sent out his little Tasmanian devil type things with a big ball and chain whizzing around and out came 1 of Stuarts main characters to meet them! Should be an easy victory for the big chap.

There was a loud shriek and we all jumped and turned to see JP with a big grin on his face and poor Stuart sitting arms folded disbelieving as 1 of his main dudes lay dead on it's side.

But all might not be lost for the Demon brood as the Dark Lord lashes into the Orc's champion as the war hounds tear at his heels.

The unfortunate Giant must have regretted sticking his arm in the lawn mower to clean the blades out while it was still working as he really needed 2 hands to fight all these baddies? Not the sharpest tool in the box!

There were some loud jeers and some strange words I didn't quite understand (I think they were in French but I can't be sure?) and it was all over.

Big Stuart had slayed the Giant and the Demon hordes were free to roam the battlefield.

In the end a victory for Stuart and it looked and sounded like a very good game and not a drop of blood was shed!

Demons : Stuart L
Orcs : Club (painted by JP)

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