Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Chaos in Lawhall part1

For a little change JP and Stuart had their Warhammer Fantasy armies out and excellent looking they were too.

Look at this for a figure! Different class!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I believe the Warhammer Fantasy is Stuart's favourite game and this is his newest army that he's been working on and I know he is really enjoying putting it together. I believe this is part of a Chaos army? (correct me if I am wrong Stuart) made up of Demon type figures.

An impressive looking army I think you will agree. Can't wait to see it all finished very spectacular in mass and individually.

The dogs of war. I really like the lava effect Stuart gets on his bases the orange yellow colour is very convincing.

From the Chaos lines can be seen John's mixed army of Orc's and Giant.

These are just gorgeous looking figures, the dudes in pale blue are so unusual and look great to paint and the Giant (with his bad arm) is something special. You can see why the kids love them.

This is the club's Orc army that JP painted up (I think except the giant). A really nice army for us all to use.

The Orcs send out their chariot to threaten the demon flank and their little cannon fodder can be seen out front (poor little goblin type things).

to be continued . . .

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