Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lord of the Rings 8.1.11

Young David and Martin were a bit miffed that I hadn't shown enough of their games. I think they were planning to take me outside and sort me out?.

As they are both 17 now and tall lads I thought I better post some more pics to ease the tension. If you look down the links lads you will see I posted the battle report from before Christmas.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures that turned out clear enough to post (ha!). So here they are Martin's Riders of Rohan riding down my nephew David's ugly wuglies.

And the big fickt in the centre with the forces of good (if that is what they really are?) starting to get the upper hand.

Lads if you take the time to sand, PVA and paint your movement bases I will definitely take more photo's of your figures (even close ups). I was even thinking of taking your bases up the road David and putting them out of their misery. I could hear the bases crying out, please finish me off! Pleaasseeee!!!!

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