Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dark Fantasy 8.1.11

Stuart and JP dusted down their armies (and spell book, you know sometimes I'm sitting at the club and I tune into the guys playing Fantasy and I think I'm on another planet!) and went for a game of Fantasy for the day. Sorry about the photo quality, I'll have to try and remember my settings all over again!

Another 1st showing for the club blog. JP brought his (chaos?) army out of mothballs and set out to defeat Stuarts Daemon masses.

Now these look something special. I do believe the evil figures for the Warhammer Fantasy armies are the coolest of them all.

Evil looking minotaur things.

I was a little cautious approaching this lady as she looks a lot like an ex-girlfriend of mine! (that's why the photo is out of focus) This is a new figure Stuart finished off for his daemon army.

Stuart your figure painting and army is looking the business!

From this picture you would think that JP's chaos army was beginning to get the better of Stuarts red devils but not so. In the end it was a victory for the army from hell. I believe this was JP's 1st foray into Fantasy for a good while.

Great to see Jamie D made it down to the club Saturday and looks to be catching the wargaming bug again.
Hope to see you down again soon Jamie!

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