Thursday, 25 March 2010

CWC News Saturday 27.3.10

The club will most definately be on this week so look out your troops.

I think JP, John M and David P will be doing ACW in 15mm, David P Jnr and Martin M will be doing Lord of the Rings and I will be taking part also.. If someone fancies a game of someting else please let me know).

If anyone has any ideas or is planning coming down let use know.
A big thanks to Des for being the 1st Carluke Wargames Club member to be a follower on our own blog! A bottle of Buckfast Tonic Wine No.1 and 2 tickets to see the Gypsy Kings in concert will be winging their way to you as you read this!! Enjoy!!! These can be trade in for a cup of tea and a couple of jaffa cakes at the club this Saturday.

Note: Buckfast and tickets are none refundable, read small print for terms and conditions.

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