Sunday, 14 March 2010

Big Old Naps

Des was kind enough to bring along his old 28mm Naps for Chris and I to have a go with the Rank and File rules last Saturday.

I must admit it was a nice change from the more intense Naps rules and we had great fun. I was the French with slightly more troops and Chris was the Brits, Chris guided us through the rounds no problem.

(Here Des what about this as a handle for yourself for the wargaming forums! - DEsMONd Cool or what?)

The rules were really smooth and very relaxing to play.

General de Brigade is the rules I usually play and although I enjoy them very much we can be pushed for time at the club to get a game finished before packing up time.

It was a close run thing

However in the end the French finally broke through.

A nice wee test for our 1st game with no artillery or cavalry keeping things simple.

Des M


  1. Never seen my figures look so good and a pleasure to see them being used might inspire me to do a bit of upgrading

  2. Ahhh, good to see someone from the club actually following our club blog Des! You deserve a medal! The naps game was really fun and smooth flowing I am sure you would enjoy it. I'm going to try out the army painter on my own 25/28mm napoleonics and see what wonders it can do. I will keep you posted!