Sunday, 14 March 2010

ACW on the March

Well things were looking a wee bit better this Saturday with numbers picking up a little with a couple of games on the go. It was good to see the usual crowd in attendance with Des making a 260 mile round trip to support the club. (He says he was here for the wargaming but I have it on good authority he was actually down doing a bit of cattle rustling!)

So just a few pics this week to give you the feel of the games

There was a very nice looking ACW game on the go in 15mm and the Union looked to be up against it.

The Rebs dishing it out with their guns.

And advancing right across the table!

The skirmish line on the move.

A close up of some Zouaves on the Union side.

Some more figures from David P's ACW collection. These are the ones not in use so if you fancy a game there is plenty to go around! This time out a victory for the Rebs!

A little sample of what looks to be another new adventure for the club: Along at the Motherwell club on Tuesday night some of the guys had a go with 28mm Perry ACW and the opinions were very favourable so it looks like we will all be putting together a box to get in on the action. Here are some of the 1st completed by David P.

Rebs : David P
Union : David P & David C
Terrain : CWClub


  1. Quality! Looks good.

  2. Thanks Mr Peeler,
    It's good to know that someone is reading this blog.

  3. Love that table...looks like a blast, great stuff Paul

  4. Cheers Captain,
    Glad your enjoying the ACW games.