Wednesday, 10 March 2010

CWC News 10.3.10

Most of us will be aware of the resent down turn in numbers at the club by now. Stuart has sent out an email with some ideas to help keep our club running:

Dear All
On Saturday 13th of March the club is on BUT I require notification of who will be attending so that if the need arises I can cancel. I know that John Preston and John Marshall wish to attend so please let me know.Now an update re the current situation at Carluke Wargames Club. Only 2 people, apart from myself, turned up on Saturday 6th March (David Wood and John Marshall.) At 1230 I decided to cancel the day and paid the £11.05 for the 5hrs we had booked. This amount came out of my own pocket and will be re imbursed from the clubs funds which are rapidly going. We currently need 6 members a week for the club to break even but at the times we dont. I can see the future of the club, and it has over 20yrs history behind it, slowly dwindling.
I am fully aware that the vast majority of members, myself included, cannot attend every Saturday due to work and family commitments but we must look to the future of our past time within out community. Either that or travel a larger distance to a club that does not play your system, or does not meet when you are free. So if you cant attend the club on a particular Saturday please give me notice incase I have to cancel.
Maybe the club needs some attraction for members to attend and to attract new ones. Something to capture their imagination with a minimum expenditure.
In the past year, a couple of new gaming rulesets have been introduced to the club Johnny Reb - American Civil War combat and Gereral De Brigade - Napoleonic warfare. These have both been well met by adult members but sadly have not captured the attention of our younger members so we have to look to them for the furure of the club.
I wish to introduce, in the near future, a couple of new gaming systems into the club "Uncharted Seas", "Imperial Commander" and "Hordes Of The Things". All these systems are quite cheap to buy all about £25 to £30 or so for a complete force (I have the rules for each and can copy them). Paul Provan and I are both currently looking for a rule set for Zombie Combat - Resident Evil style - in the modern period (Paul has kindly purchased and painted the figs.)
Imperial Commander is built around a range of 15mm Sci Fi figures and are designed to give a fast, skillful game when using around 50 figures a side.
Uncharted Seas is Fantasy naval combat produced by Spartan Games
Hordes of The Things 15mm fantasy combat similar to DBA
The only options I can see for the clubs future are:
1) A membership fee
2) A higher weekly sub.
3) Meeting twice a month
4) Meeting once a month
If anyone has any suggestions for the club, please let me know and I will forward on to all and will assist if I can. I dont run the club, I am just keeping a great hobby that we all enjoy running within an easy distance for us all.
Remember. We have all put so much time and effort into our hobby that it would be a shame for it to go to waste.
Please also see the attached "flyer." If you know of anyone who may be interested, please print it out and pass it on.
If I have inadvertantly missed anyone from this email, can you please forward it to them and pass their email address to me so that I can include them in any future mailings.

Stuart Livingstone

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