Monday, 12 April 2010

40K 4 Way

Some pics this time of the lads revitalised interest in 40K just after they finished off a Lord of the Rings game.

2 games in the 1 day I hear you say! Yes we were impressed too!!

Since I was just sitting around I took the chance to get a couple of pics of young Charles troops.

Blood Angels I believe!

There was a good turnout of the younger lads this week. Just like buses you don't see any of them for ages then 5 come along at once! Though probably not a Scottish bus service unless you live in a city!!!

Some of the Imperial troops from young Charles collection (nice . . .)

And some from young David's collection (also nice . . .)

And the Blood Angels hardware.

This dude would be perfect for smashing windows. A whole lot of metal in this casting!!!

Hells Angels!

Some Star Wars vehicles too . . . No? Are you sure? It sure looks like an upgraded scout walker?

I'm just getting old I guess.

Imperial Chaka Khans : Charles L & David P
Blood Angels : Charles L

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