Monday, 1 February 2010

Rebel in the Room 3

The Battle : Us Union lads stepped out the room for a little con flab about tactics leaving the Rebs to do the same. We had decided on an offensive in the centre (JP and myself attacking the new player John M and inexperienced General Z) while David C and Jon B (when he arrived) would hold the flanks solid.

1st off we all begun to move our troops into Position.

David C advanced into the woods on our left in extended line to await the predicted assault from Billy S.

Placing his guns on a small ridge overlooking the battlefield.

Good news from our right flank, Jon B's troops had begun to arrive with the General just finishing of the rest of his egg sandwich. Our flanks were secure.

JP set up his troops in waves for the coming assault

In his army 2 newly finished units of Minifigs Turks I picked up years ago! JP saved them from the lead pile and turned them into very convincing Zouaves!

I edged forward in column for speed to try and get a good position before forming line.

But what was this?
A unit of General Zebadiah's Texans still stinking of p*** and moonshine from the night before heads a thumping to the beat of the drums started to advance alone towards my Union brigade.

With cries of "Madness" and "Go for it if you want to throw away your whole brigade at the start of the game" from his fellow Rebel Generals and sighs of disbelief from the rest of us (plus the odd word or 2 of French from JP) Zebedee ordered his unit to Charge!

A little side note : General Zebadiah arrived late and promptly announced he would be leaving at 3pm (we play till 5pm) so I really should have seen this 1 coming!!

For those of you who are easily disturbed or faint at the sight of blood please look away now!!

Both of us did our rolling as regards the charge and all were past, the sound of metal grinding and groans of frustration filled the room as the guys worked through the charge procedure for the 1st time in a very long while. Zebedee rolled some of the highest dice I have ever seen him roll and my dice were average.

Amazingly I didn't do enough damage to stop him and not only my artillery but 1 of my infantry units were sent into full rout!!!

Ahhh, it's enough to make a grown man cry :-( I couldn't believe it, in a few minutes from the start of the game the Union advance had been dealt a severe blow. This was going to be a very long day!

Meanwhile the Confederate columns began to advance shielded by tree cover and a kitkat bar?

to be continued . . .

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