Monday, 8 November 2010

Massive WW2 10mm

I've been pretty distracted with life and work of late but I managed to make my way down to the club to see what was on the go this Saturday.

It appears I have been missing out big time as there have been some spectacular battles on the go (last week the Riders of Rohan were up against 2 elephants!!!).

This week all the guys got together and done a beautiful looking 10mm WW2 game.

Four tables were used filling a third of the room.
JP's US Army pictured left

Jon B prepared the excellent looking terrain for Italy in WW2.

There were six players on the day.

The Allied players were JP with his newly finished Americans plus John B and David P jnr with Commonwealth troops

His US troops seen here . . .

. . . clearing streets and checking houses for resistance.

JP's recon and armour advancing through a wooded area just outside the town.

German recon edging slowly along the cemetery wall.

A German section checking out some buildings.

And a German heavy machine gun team sitting in ambush.
Some closeups of the

How cute is this? A 10mm Kubelwagon, sweet!

And a Panzer IV from John M's collection.

A PAK and transport ready to shoot the Sh** out of some unfortunate Allied armour.

The Germans for the day were John M, young Stephen and David P snr.

Some artillery starting to pick off the Allied armour.

A blood bath in the centre of town as the Allies advance guard run head long into heavy German resistance.

Some more Germans making their way through a build up area. is that a couple of ninjas too?

More of John M's Armour waiting to come into the battle.


  1. I can see Jp had atenner ready to bribe the local mafia in the town. what a great display

  2. Hi D,
    I totally agree, a great display (as far as I know no money changed hands ;-).
    When are we going to see you down again?

  3. Cheers JF,
    Thanks for becoming a follower of our club blog.
    Best regards

  4. What set of rules do you play?

  5. Hi JFaria,
    Sorry missed your comment. I'll find out for you. I believe they are around 40 years old!

  6. Ok thanks for reply, if you found it please mail me.

  7. Hi JF,
    The rules are operation warboard and essentially all the guys did (the Johns) was half all distances. If you would like more information just drop me an email.
    P.S. sorry for the delay!