Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tyranid Invasion

Silently from the darkened skies they fell threatening the very heart of the Imperium . . .

The Tyranid invasion had begun . . .

. . . Sparked into life by the body heat of any creature unfortunate enough to pass by their resting place

Soon a violent struggle ensued to protect the home worlds from disappearing into nothingness

Terror took hold with only the Space Marine chapters standing in the way of humanoid annihilation!

Brave terminators taking the brunt of the first wave of Alien Invasion

The Citadel standing proud as a hope to mankind.

The walls are breached

Who will save us now?

Blood Angels assault marines ready themselves for battle.

Into the storm they ride . . .

. . . but still they come

A very nice looking game (the best looking 1 of the day?) from the younger lads this week. A mass of Space Marines trying to hold out as long as possible against the Tyranid infestation.

From the collections of Charles, David, Martin and Steven
CWClub Terrain

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