Saturday, 19 September 2009

WW2 in 10mm

A big thanks to John and Jon for laying on an excellent looking WW2 battle and for being patient with the less experienced of us(me!). The guys are new to the club so we got bogged down chatting more than playing today but it was all good fun.

Absolutely outstanding looking terrain and vehicles really helped hold our interest in the game with these wespe's (thanks David) punishing the advancing Sherman's. Where is the Allied air cover when you need it?

Hopefully we will get a chance to have another game soon. Not bad for a first outing and despite being a short game the rules felt pretty good.

A really good turn out today and great fun, good to see Von Hannah making an appearance for the 1st time in a very long while and hope you enjoyed the Wings of War (sorry for shooting JP and yourself down).

This photo is for David P. With 10mm WW2 you will finally get a chance to use some of your favourites on the battlefield! (you should have seen the Tiger II's and Jagdtigers).

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