Saturday, 19 September 2009

Green Death

The young lads at the club had a massive fantasy game planned but had to do a wee bit of change around with Steven fielding his High Elf army against a rather nice looking evil Ork army.

Your figures are coming along young man just keep it going one Elf at a time. (I should have taken a shot of the dragon, Sorry!)

Here you see an Ork mass grumbling forward. Sorry about the photo quality guys it was just very dark. When we are up in the new place I'm sure I'll get better photo's.

The Ork hordes here are some of the clubs figures painted up by JP and very nice they are too. They really fill the gap if the youngsters are short of opponent's.

My personal favourite are these mad looking dudes. Not quite sure what they are, possibly some evil version of archers maybe?

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